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SE Clinical Courses are designed to provide clinicians and other health care professionals with a structured programme of training in a variety of key clinical areas.

Advanced Medication Assistance for Support Workers


- Appropriate for unregulated care providers
- This course is available for in-person training

Topics include:
- Scope of Practice
- How Medication works in the body
- Universal Precautions & Sharps Disposal
- Abbreviations
- Documentation
- 10 Rights of Assisting with Medications
- How to assist with medications
- Medication Errors
- Medications in Acute Care
- Medication for Cardiac Client
- Medications for Respiratory Clients
- Ophthalmic medications
- Diabetes Management
- Cancer Medications
- Medication used in Palliative Care
- Medications used with Dementia
- Mental Health Medication
- Methadone/suboxone
- Paediatric Medications
- Medications for Constipation
- Medical Marijuana

Cardiac Care


- Appropriate for both nurses and unregulated care providers

- This course is available in-person (nursing only) and on-line (coming soon)

Topics include:

- How the Heart Works

- The Cardiac Assessment

- Common Symptoms

- Modifiable and Unmodifiable Risk Factors

- Management of Cardiac Conditions

Chronic Disease Management


- Appropriate for nurses

- This course is available for in-person training

- Impacts of Chronic Disease

- The Chronic Care Model

- An Expanded Chronic Care Model

- Supporting Self-Management

- Chronic Disease Prevention

- Quality Improvements

- Choices and Change

- The Coach Approach

Custom Bundle

All the courses available on this site can be bundled as a custom package. Feel free to browse through our list of courses and contact us for a custom bundle quote.

Dementia Care

- Appropriate for nurses

- This course is available for in-person training

- Delirium, Dementia and Depression

- Types of Dementia

- Early Warning Signs of Cognitive Change

- Functional and Cognitive Assessment

- “Getting to Know Me”

- Attitudes, Skills, and Knowledge That Are Beneficial for Communication in Dementia Care

- The Importance of Retaining Abilities

- Care Strategies for the Client with Dementia

- Non-Pharmalogical Interventions

- Pharmalogical Interventions

- Managing Responsive Behaviours

- Use of Restraints

- Pain Assessment in Advanced Dementia

- Multi Component (the health care team) Care Strategies

- Caregiving Strategies for Older Adults with Dementia

- Caregiver Stress

- Dementia Resources

Diabetes Care

- Appropriate for nurses, other regulated care providers, such as the dietician or pharmacist as well as unregulated care providers.

- This course is online

Topics include:

- Pathophysiology of Diabetes

- Prevention

- Nutrition

- Exercise and Physical Activity

- Diabetes Management

- Using a Glucometer

- Administering Insulin

- Health Promotion

Fall Risk and Prevention


Appropriate for all healthcare providers.
This course is available for in-person training.


Topics Include:

- Nature and Scope of Falls

- Fall Risk Prevention

- Fall Risk Assessment

- Fitness for Falls Prevention

- Assisting a Client who has Fallen

- Reporting and Recording Falls

Home Health Nursing

This course will introduce nurses to home health care in Canada, including a review of the community health nurses professional practice model, standards of practice for community health nurses and home health nursing competencies. Participants will also gain knowledge specific to concepts related to home health nursing such as the principles of primary health, determinants of health, evidence informed practice, therapeutic relationships, quality, risk and ethics.

Hospice Palliative Care

This introductory palliative care course will assist participants to integrate a palliative approach into care delivery. Participants will better understand the principles and practices of hospice and palliative care, how to address physical comfort, provide psychosocial and spiritual care. In addition participants will gain comfort in dealing with clients and families grief and bereavement and caring in the last days and hours of life. This course is appropriate for nurses caring for palliative and end of life clients.

Lift and Transfer Training


- Appropriate for both nurses and unregulated care providers

- This course is available for in-person training

Topics include:

- Injury Prevention

- Anatomy

- Body Mechanics

- Posture

- Using Equipment

- Back Care/Lift Transfers

Palliative, Wound and Home Health Nursing Course Bundle

This course will enroll you onto these three Clinical courses.

- Hospice Palliative Care

- Wound Management

- Home Health Nursing

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